Life safety

The President of Ukraine Poroshenko P. O. in his speech «The Strategy 2020» has put the sustainable development as well as the national, business and civil security among the prior targets which our society is to face. That is highly needed in the times when the country is forced to solve out the question of its integrity and preservation of the Crimea and Donbass independence.

According to the statistics, the mortality, accident, fatality and catastrophe rate in Ukraine considerably exceeds the analogue figures of the developed countries. With its rate of human extinction Ukraine is included to the first ten world countries, and it also has the highest level of child mortality in Europe. The results of the All-Ukrainian population census which took place on December 2001 show that the number of citizens had reduced for about 4 million, and nowadays this cut counts even more than 6 million.

In this situation it is understood that each individual and, undoubtedly, the individual with higher education has to realise the importance of the life safety problems. The requirements to the competence of post-graduates of the higher educational establishments concerning the safety are presented in the higher education standards. In the National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» the subject «Life Safety» is taught as a specific course.