History of department


The department “Labor protection, industrial and civil safety of NTUU “KPI” was created in 1962 on the basics of department of mine ventilation of mountain faculty under title “Department of safety engineering and fire safety”. After, it was renamed into department of labor protection. From 1998 into department of protection of labor and environment, From 2008 into department of labor protection, industrial and civil safety.

The founder and head of department to 1973 was the candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Kravetsch Vasil Ivanovich (1903-1973). In 1931 he finished Moscow mountain academy where he worked as deputy of the headmaster from scientific work of scientific-research institute in Novosybirsk and from 1938 to 1949 – he worked as headmaster of regional inspection, senior mine technical inspector of Narkomcoal of USSR. From 1949 V.I. Kravec worked in KPI, was the head of department of development of fields of minerals, was head of the department of mine ventilation, from 1951 to 1959 he was dean of mine faculty. From  1962 to 1983 he was the head of the department of labor protection.

In the first wave of teachers of department were candidates of technical science, associate professors.

K.W., candidate of technical sciences, associate professor M.A. Samotryasov, senior teacher Z.S. Stupnycka, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor S.O. Reiher, senior teacher K.L. Byrukovich, Pdhil P.Ya. Glushko, senior teacher.

G.O. Fedorovych, associate professor V.P. Zhurda, associate professor O.M.Kuznechov, senior teacher L.O. Milko, assistant M.M. Permyakova, associate professor Ya.I.Kurenkov, assistant A.A. Krupa, associate professor K.W. Shkalenkova and other.

Except course “Safety engineering and fire safety” on the department were other disciplines “Basics of building business”, “Engineering psychology”, “Basics of economics and industry management” and “Basics of law”.

Department has done considerable volume of scientific-research works due to department speciality of national budget and household-contractual subject areas.

Basis directions of scientific activity of department were: research of condition of productive environment of industrial enterprises of different spheres of social production and development of actions and methods of normalization of work conditions on these objects, process research in areas of rock formations at extraction of minerals – gas release, display of formation pressure, sudden discharge of rock formations at working of underground mining.

Developed by scientists of department on the basic of held researches, the recommendations used by project organizations at development of projects of reconstruction of mining ventilation networks, approved schemes and parameters of development systems and methods of protection of mining excavation in the conditions of Lviv-Volynsk of coal basin and salt mines of Western Ukraine, in practice of development of coal fields for prediction of discharge-danger of rock formations etc.

Collaborators of department held household contractual of SRW about approving of ventilation system of underground developments cockleshell of Moldova. Developed actions by department allowed to approve schemes and methods of ventilations of underground mines that as a result allowed to increase its productivity up to 20 thousand of sawn cockleshell for year with the usage of motor traffic. These recommendations were accepted to practical usage by branch of NDU SMI.

Department made a range of SRW about fighting with dust, approving of schemes and methods of ventilation of potassium mines of Прикарпаття.Proposed and integrated complex of technical and organization actions and methods of fighting with dust in mines and on the surface technological complexes. After recommendations of department the new ventilation shaft #5 was installed in potassium mine named after 50 years of October in Kalush city in Ivano-Frankivsk region which allow to increase productivity of mines up to 2ml tons of ore per year and to shorten time of ventilation of excavations on 0.5 hour.

On the department the works were held about decreasing of electrical accidents on metallurgical and mining enterprises of Ukraine, the analyzer of electrical safety conditions was developed and also ultrasonic and light indicator of effort presence.

The department researched harmful factors which accompany welding contact for the first time in former USSR for order of IEWU of large metallurgical combines, This work was the basics for holding of researched by Kharkiv Institute of work hygiene and professional diseases about biological action of magnetic fields which appear at contact welding and installation of acceptable levels of radiation. The recommendations about localization of harmful substances at contact welding and methodologies of designing of ventilation parameters of local mounted suction units.

Workers in household-contractual SRW were the graduating students of mining faculty of KPI: VF Seledtsov, AG Stepanov, VV Lavrynovych, AT Orlenko, RVSabarno, JK Frenze, MO Halimovskyy, O. Kuzmin, as well asengineers: MJ Podkolzin, V. Martsuk, V.M. Chirva and others.  

You should notice very positive role of SRW in formation of teaching membership and development of material base of department. For 10 years of existence of department teaching member quantitatively and qualitatively changed. Working on household contractual SRW on the operating enterprises the workers of department increased their scientific level, on the basics in natural and laboratorial conditions developed actions and methods of approving of conditions and level of labor protection on enterprises and raised money for equipping of educational and scientific laboratories of department.

On this base in-service from production the Dphil dissertations were prepared and defended by: P.Ya.Galushko, candidate diserations:  VP Seledtsov, AG Stepanov, AV Slonchenko, MO Halimovskyy,YK Frenze, VV Martsuk, RV Sabarno, AT Orlenko.

In the period of establishment the team of department decided very complicated questions about educational-methodological character (development of educational and working programs from disciplines which were delivered on the department, instructions to laboratorial works and production of educational stand, development of tickets for program without machine control of students knowledge of laboratorial works, methodological instructions of practical works etc.

Personal of department took part in designing and equipping of laboratories and premises in the 22nd educational building during its building.

Department held and took part in the work of all-USSR and republican scientific conferences which were about labor protection, published in central and local publications.

With the aim to increase the level of preparation of graduating students of KPI about labor protection students from different faculties of KPI were attracted for fulfillment of SRW.

From 1973 the head of department was DPhil of technical sciences Tkachuk Konstantine Nifontovich – 1935 year of birth, distinguished professor of KPI, laureate of State prize in the sphere science and technique, head of Commission from labor protection of scientific-methodological council Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, member of specialized academic council in defence of Dphil dissertations, founders and leader of National scientific-research institute of labor protection of Ukraine.

Under direction of K.N. Tkachuk the mastering of educational areas in new 22nd educational building was held, equipped by their new laboratorial equipment, including computers.

In the middle of 70 years of the previous century, the department held preparation and graduating of specialists with speciality “Labor protection in the conditions of production intensification” on the special faculty.

Department provided rector supervision from questions about labor protection and fire safety on the building objects KPI, in student building brigades and on agricultural works. Except it, from the middle of 69 years, the commission of labor protection of local trade KPI was leaded by members of department of labor protection,   

For last years on the department:

  • monographs and educational supplies under stamp of MESU were published – 19;
  • methodological developments and methodological supplies were published – 48

-       certificates of recognition were got – 4

·         patents – 2.


Scientific developments in such directions are held on the department:

  • normative legal and social-economic supply of labor protection;
  • research of work conditions on production and development of effective events of  normalization of work conditions on work places;
  • analysis of productive traumatisms and professional diseases;
  • analysis of environment pollution by enterprises of different branches of production and development of actions, directed on decreasing of its pollution;
  • labor protection in welding production;
  • development of methods of individual protection from harmful factors of production;


Department takes part in work of Commission of labor protection and safety of life activity of scientific-methodological Council of MESU and also in the development of educational programs of normative disciplines “Basics of labor protection”, “Labor protection in branch” and “Life activity safety” for institutions of higher education, confirmed by MESU.

Department supports narrow connections and hold joint works with leading scientific-research institutes of Ukraine and abroad, such as::

  • National scientific-research institute of labor protection in Ukraine;
  • Academy of mining sciences;
  • All-Russian central institute of labor protection (Moscow city);
  • Warsaw higher school of staff management;
  • Academy of safety (Slovakia);
  • Department of labor protection of state university (Los Angeles city, USA).

On the department there is post-graduate courses about candidates and PDhil of technical sciences under direction of PDhil of technical sciences K.N., PDhil of technical sciences Levchenko O.G.

From 2007 department is headed by Levchenko O.G.. 1956 year of birth, PDhil of technical sciences, senior scientific assistant. In 1980 he finished chemical-technological faculty of KPI of speciality in chemical technology of ductile materials, specialization – electrode flux production. His scientific activity began in institute of electric welding named after E.O. Platon of NAS of Ukraine, concerning with problems of labor protection and ecology in welding production. He is head of structural scientific department of problems of labor protection and ecology in welding production IEW named after E.O. Platon.  

From 2003 he works in NTUU “KPI” on position of professor of department of labor and environment protection. And from 2007 – is head of department “Labor protection, industrial and civil safety”.

Basic directions of scientific activity: studying of harmful and dangerous productive factors of welding production; development of methods and ways of neutralization of harmful substances which are located in the air of production premises, technological and sanitary-technical actions about minimization of harmful emissions into air of working zone.

Teaching work – reads lectures for students of welding faculty on the basic of course, created by him, about labor protection in welding production; consultation about labor protection for writers of diploma works.

In 2008 the contingent of department was supplemented with teachers and educational auxiliary workers of dissolved department “Life activity safety”.