Kravets Vasyl Ivanovych (1903-1973)

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

From 1962 to 1973 he headed the Department of Occupational Safety

Founder and first head of the department.

Since 1949, VI Kravets worked at KPI, headed the department of mineral deposits development, was the head of the department of mine ventilation, from 1951 to 1959 he was the dean of the mining faculty, and from 1962 to 1973 he headed the department of labor protection.


Тkachuk Konstantin Nifontovych, 1935

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Head of the Department from 1973 to 2006

Honored Professor of KPI, Laureate of the State awards in the field of science and technology, chairman of the Commission on labor protection of the scientific-methodical council of the Ministry of Education and Science, member of the specialized Academic Council for the defense of doctoral dissertations, founder and head of the National Research Institute of labor protection of Ukraine.


Levchenko Oleg Grygorovych, 1956

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Head of the Department of Labor Protection, Industrial and Civil Safety since 2007.

Specialist in the field of labor protection and life safety

Since 2003 he has been working at National Technical University of Ukraine

“Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” as a professor of labor protection, and since 2007 – head of the department “Occupational safety, industrial and civil safety.”

In 1988, OG Levchenko received the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences, in 2002 – the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences, and in 2014 – academic title of professor.

Main directions of scientific activity: study of harmful and dangerous production factors of welding production; theoretical bases of processes of formation of welding aerosols; research of hygienic characteristics of welding processes, welding materials and welding methods; development of methods and means of neutralization of harmful substances entering the air of industrial premises, technological and sanitary measures to minimize harmful emissions into the air of the working area; research of filter materials for means of protection of welders and environment; creation of new highly efficient filter ventilation units and personal protective equipment; problems of electromagnetic safety of welders (determination of levels of magnetic fields during operation of electric welding equipment, development of methods and means of protection of workers from electromagnetic fields and radiation).

Teaching work – lectures for students of the Faculty of Welding on the basis of his creative course on labor protection in welding;

As a result of the tasks, OG Levchenko proposed a set of measures to protect welders and the environment from the harmful effects of welding aerosols. On the basis of his research, the idea of the processes of aerosol formation as an inevitable result of the electric arc process was further developed, and the regularities of the formation of the chemical composition of welding aerosols were established. A mathematical model of the chemical composition of the aerosol was proposed, based not only on thermodynamic representations, but also taking into account the peculiarities of evaporation of metals in the welding bath, ie the nonequilibrium transition of metal melt components in the aerosol. G. Levchenko performed a study of the hygienic characteristics of almost all known in Ukraine and Russia brands of welding materials (coated electrodes, welding wires, fluxes). Based on this, an information retrieval system of hygienic characteristics of welding materials ECO-WELD (Ecology of welding), which is not only a database of welding aerosols, but also a knowledge base created by the author, methods and means of protection of welders and the environment. Technological recommendations for the improvement of welding materials and welding technologies, as well as sanitary measures have been developed.For neutralization of harmful substances researches and a choice of filtering materials of various kinds for the purpose of application in systems of local ventilation and means of individual protection of respiratory organs of welders are executed. With the participation of OG Levchenko, new models of means of local ventilation and individual protection were developed, and serial production of ventilation and filter-ventilation units of the TEMP brand was organized. G. Levchenko is the author of more than 280 published works: articles, monographs, textbooks, inventions, normative documents.




The Department of Labor Protection, Industrial and Civil Safety employs 17 full-time research and teaching staff, including 2 doctors of science, 15 candidates of science and 2 teachers without a degree.

Total young scientists – 1.