The following directions and priorities of further development are planned in the educational-methodical and scientific-innovative activity of the department of labor protection, industrial and civil safety:

1. Educational and methodical work:

  • constant updating of educational and working programs of disciplines taught by the department;
  • constant improvement and republishing of educational and methodical manuals, textbooks and lecture notes in accordance with time;
  • timely updating of normative documentation on labor protection, translation from English into Ukrainian and editing of International labor protection standards that have been introduced in Ukraine.

2. Research and innovation work:

  • research work to identify harmful and dangerous production factors, creating a theoretical basis for the processes of harmful and dangerous production factors;
  • research and study of the nature of harmful and dangerous production factors factors in various branches of industrial production;
  • study of harmful and dangerous production factors arising from the use of new production technologies and materials;
  • sanitary and hygienic assessment of harmful and dangerous production factors arising from the use of high-temperature technologies (metallurgy, welding production, etc.);
  • hygienic assessment of welding materials and technologies in accordance with the International Standards of the ISO 15011 series (determination of emission levels, chemical composition and degree of risk of welding aerosols on the welder’s body)
  • hygienic assessment of harmful and dangerous production factors of welding technologies (air pollution levels) working area by welding aerosols and gases, levels of electromagnetic fields, optical radiation, noise, etc.);
  • development of measures to protect workers and the working environment from harmful and dangerous production factors in industrial enterprises. from harmful and dangerous production factors;
  • development of means of collective and individual protection of workers;
  • research of filtering materials for means of protection of industrial and environment;
  • creation of new highly effective means of local ventilation (in ventilation and filter ventilation a gregats).


Development prospects

It is planned to search for and perform economic contract works on labor protection and industrial safety at industrial enterprises of Ukraine. As a rule, the development of new production processes and technologies does not guarantee their complete safety for production personnel and requires the development of appropriate measures to protect workers. Therefore, it will be promising in the case of the Institute of Energy Conservation and Energy Management or other units of National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” economic contract work to include in the general plan of these works (as a supplement) a separate stage of labor protection.