Minimization of welding aerosols emissions


The dissertation is devoted to reduction of the harmful effects of welding fumes on the body of the welder by technological measures, in particular to improve the hygienic characteristics of alloyed electrodes. In the dissertation it is shown that the process of manual arc welding by the doped electrodes is accompanied by secretions of harmful substances such as chromium, manganese, nickel etc. It is also shown that the composition of the welding electrode, by controlling the content of alloying elements, the method of doping and coating it is possible to improve the hygienic characteristics, without losing the quality of the weld. It has been studied the influence of the type of electrode coating, the method of deoxidation-alloying of the weld metal, the type of basic metal and the composition of lithium silicate binders in the electrode coating on the secretion of the welding aerosol.

The proposed system of mathematical forecasting of the chemical composition of the welding aerosol makes it possible to predict the intensity of the discharge of its toxic components in the air of working zone for manual arc welding by the doped electrodes.

The implementation of the results of the research in enterprises allows to reduce the level of secretion of the welding fumes and its toxic components.

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