Portable low-voltage filter-ventilator unit «ТЕМP-NB»


Portable low-voltage filter-ventilator unit «ТЕМP-NB»

Codevelopment of MNTTS «ТЕМP», NTUU «KPI» and Paton Electric Welding Instituteof NAS of Ukraine         

Research supervisor – Doctor of Technical Science, Professor Levchenko O. H.

tel.: +38(044) 406-82-30,+38 097-699-22-97

E-mail: levchenko.opcb@ukr.net

Portable low-voltage filter-ventilator unit «ТЕМP-NB» is designed for contaminated air extraction during welding, painting, clearing and other works in poorly ventilated places (inside of cisterns, reservoirs, main pipelines, etc. )

«ТЕМP-NB» can be used for pure air inflation into the wells of different purpose where welding and other works are carried out.

The unit has fire-flame-proof properties and can be used in a wide environmental temperature range from -40′С to +50′С.

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