Civil Protection

The subject «Civil Protection» in the NTUU «KPI» is studied according to the «The Program of the academic discipline in the course of Specialist and Master’s training of all the directions and specialities». It is resolved by the university methodical council record №9 from 15.05.2014 and approved by the university first vice-rector.

The academic discipline is included to the cycle of the professional and practical training as the compulsory pre-requisite subject.

The subject of the academic discipline consists of legislative, statuary and regulatory, social and economic, engineering and technical, sanitary and hygienic fundamentals of the civil protection which are necessary for the future specialists to perform professional responsibilities. These responsibilities are oriented to provide the actions focused on the technogenic and natural security, to conduct a risk levels assessment, forehanded reaction to the threat of emergency state on the basis of monitoring data, expertise, researches and forecasts concerning the chapter of possibilities in order to prevent it from turning into the emergency situation or possible consequence mitigation taking into account the peculiarities of the future profession and potential major posts of specialists and masters.

Interdisciplinary relations: in the structural logical scheme the academic discipline «Civil protection» is studied at the stage of obtaining the academic level «Specialist» after the disciplines of the natural-science training, the discipline «Life safety» and the basic disciplines from the course of the professional and practical training when students have a sufficiently clear idea of their future profession activity conditions. It provides the possibility to teach the discipline with the professional orientation of the future specialists taken into account.

            The purpose of the academic discipline is to boost in students the ability of creative thinking, settling out the difficult problems of innovative character and making productive decisions in the sphere of civil protection taking into account the peculiarities of the future profession on the major post.

            For the discipline 30 hours of study time are given /1,0 credit ECTS/.